If You Think Flu Immunization Doesn’t Work – Think Again!

Flu-mistAs we gear up in our office to provide immunizations for children who want to avoid the flu, I am reposting a link which I put on our website earlier this year that reported on flu deaths in children. Although the flu immunization is not always effective at preventing infection from influenza, it does a very good job at protecting children against having a severe case of influenza which can include complications like pneumonia and death. In fact, more than 90 percent of deaths in children with influenza are in children who were not immunized.

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The flu vaccine is very safe and effective and should be given to all children over 6 months of age. Kids older than 2 without asthma also have the option to get a nasal spray flu vaccine and avoid a shot. We have started giving the nasal spray vaccine in our office and should be giving the flu shot in the next few weeks.