Expecting Parents

Choosing your child’s health provider is one of the most important decisions you can make affecting your child’s normal growth and development. Please use this webpage as a guide and a resource as you choose the right practice for your family.

Complimentary Office Visit

Most parents begin by visiting our office and meeting with our staff. These complementary visits allow you to observe our offices in person and to talk to a doctor about your concerns. Many expectant parents have questions about immunizations, circumcision, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and newborn care.

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Procedure for Our Patients at Delivery

When you arrive at the hospital you will be asked to identify us as your pediatricians. After your baby is born, the hospital will call us and we will visit you within 24 hours after your baby’s birth. We will see your baby daily until he/she is discharged.

Depending on the baby’s and the mother’s health as well as how the baby’s feeding, follow-up in the office usually takes place a few days after discharge from the hospital. The exact day of follow-up will be decided on between you and the doctor before you go home.

Resources for Expecting Parents

>> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Parents
>> “What Your Child’s Doctor Wishes You Knew” by William Sears, MD

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