Tips to Prevent Children’s Summer Sports Injuries

It’s summer and that means organized sports for a lot of kids. Below are some tips on how to stay happy and healthy in a child’s sport of choice so they can stay in the game for a lifetime!  Also, … Continue reading

Talking Directly To Your Babies/Toddlers and Using More Complex Words Will Help Develop Better Vocabularies and Communication Skills

New research presented in February 2014 to the American Association for the Advancement of Science shows that talking intelligently helps babies and toddlers vocabulary skills.  This will help the babies and toddlers lean through context to connect words with their meanings. Longer … Continue reading

Antibiotics Don’t Prevent Ear Infections or Pneumonia in Children Up to 5 Years Old

In a new review published online by the Cochrane Library, current evidence doesn’t provide strong support for antibiotic use as a means of reducing the risk of otitis (inflammation or infection of the ear) or pneumonia in children up to 5 … Continue reading

New Study – Mothers Who Smoke During Pregnancy Increase Their Baby’s Risk for Hospitalization and Death

American Academy of Pediatrics in Washington State analyzed hospitalizations and deaths for 50,000 infants born in the state between 1987 and 2004.  Infants with mothers who smoked during their pregnancy were hospitalized 50 percent more and died from a wide … Continue reading

Parents Declining Usual Vitamin K Shots for Their Babies is Being Tied to More Vitamin K Deficiency Bleeding (VKDB) Cases

The Center for Disease Control and Preventing (CDC) has reported that four infants were diagnosed with late vitamin K deficiency bleeding in Nashville, Tennenssee between February and September of 2013. All babies were healthy and developing normally until reaching the … Continue reading

Is It a Sinus Infection or a Cold? Tips On How To Tell The Difference…

When children have a runny nose, cough and fever, it’s hard to tell if it’s just a cold or something more severe like a sinus infection. Tips to know the difference… Sinus Infections are more rare than colds Fewer than … Continue reading

You Know That Book You Read to Your Child Over and Over Again? Turns Out It Helps Them To Learn and Read Better!

Everyday parents are asked to read the same book over and over again by their children. Don’t fret though because it’s the best way to help your children learn new words says a new study by Dr. Jessica Horst from … Continue reading

Antibiotic Resistance Will Pose a Large Threat to Future Medicine If We Don’t All Work Together

If bacterial infections develop a resistance to antibiotics, then even patients having minor surgery could risk dying from infections that can no longer be treated. Some doctors and medical officials are saying that global action is needed to fight antibiotic resistance … Continue reading

Be Careful Not to Start Your Baby on Solid Food Too Soon!

40% of mothers start their infants on solid food earlier than medical experts recommend.  This especially happens to babies who are formula-fed.  Experts recommend a minimum age of 4 months old says a new study in the April 2013 issue of … Continue reading

Want Better Behavior From Your Preschoolers? Try Changing What Your Children Are Watching On Television

A new study has been done concerning children’s television habits and how it effects their behavior.  The study was facilitated by the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The study concludes that if you can swap out … Continue reading