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No Walk-in Visits will be Available from 7:30am-8:30am the week of August 3-7, 2015. No Changes for Regularly Scheduled Appointments 

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temper tantrums

How To Handle Temper Tantrums – Tips On When It Is Normal or Needs Diagnosis and Treatment

Not all temper tantrums are attempts by children to manipulate you.  Some children have temper tantrums because their is an imbalance somewhere. This is the reason when discipline isn't always the best way to help some children with their tantrums. Trandrums usually develop when children are making … [Read More...]


Finding a Healthy Weight For Your Child – Small Changes In Their Daily Activities Can Reduce The Risk Of Obesity Significantly

Families are being pulled in many directions each week with different school, work, and sporting activities consuming their time. In this time crunch, remembering to add healthy food choices and exercise can feel overwhelming.  In the last 20 years, obesity in kids has doubled.  Some age groups have … [Read More...]

well visits

Why You Should See Your Primary Care Physician Instead a Clinic For Your Sports Physical

The Importance of Wellness checkups Your child’s health and development are very important to us and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that they have a wellness check up every year. These days everyone’s schedules are so busy it may not be at the top of your to do list. If your child is … [Read More...]

Bouncy House

Summer Safety TIps: More Kids Hurt on Bouncy Castles Than Rides

These days most places you take you kids you see a Bouncy House / Castles.  You see them at indoor playgrounds, carnivals, fairs and backyard gatherings. But did you know that bouncy castles accounted for 42 per cent of all amusement injuries per a canadian-led study? Kathryn Woodcock of THRILL … [Read More...]

JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE - Emmy-winner Jimmy Kimmel (pictured) serves as host and executive producer of ÒJimmy Kimmel Live,Ó ABC Television NetworkÕs distinctive late-night talk show. The show features a diverse lineup of guests, including celebrities, athletes, comedians, politicians and human interest subjects. Along with a light-hearted and recognizable cast of characters, a hip house band and comedy bits in KimmelÕs inimitable style, the show additionally offers one of the funniest, freshest monologues on television today, drawing from all forms of topical media. (ABC/CRAIG SJODIN)

Real Doctors Address Anti-Vaccination Silliness on Jimmy Kimmel Live! See the Video…

Jimmy Kimmel feels that all of this anti-vaccination silliness is starting to snowball, so he invited some real doctors to address it. These are actual medical professionals so hear them out and then decide for yourself. Some Parents my want to watch this without the kids around but it was aired on … [Read More...]

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